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Ever Feel Like You Missed Something?

Like no matter what you do, some things inevitably slip through the cracks? We did too.
That’s why we created Twist, the world’s first personal CRM. Twist is a simple management tool to ensure you stay on top of your entire professional life. We engineered it to provide the everyday business professional a simple, effective tool to keep it all together. With Twist you can manage relationships, create projects, jot down notes, and set reminders without ever leaving your Gmail.
It’s time to get more done, more efficiently, right from your inbox.


Simple, Manageable Projects

Create and manage projects from Gmail. Our projects are easy, intuitive, and completely customizable to your workflow. Set your own unique stages and push projects to completion the way you like to.


Enhanced Contact Insights

Twist tells you more about your contacts. See where they work, what they look like, their likes and dislikes, your relationship history, and more. Grow your network by connecting on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Detailed Contact Notes

It only takes a second to have an important thought slip your mind, then it’s gone forever. Jot down multiple notes on contacts before you lose your train of thought. See your previous notes on contacts to never forget the details.


One Click Email Reminders

Set reminders with the click of a button and never drop the ball again. Select exactly when you want to be reminded and free your mind of the matter until then. You’ll have less stress, and save more brainspace.

Know What’s Next

Upcoming Events and Reminders

We waste valuable time bouncing back and forth from Gmail to our calendar, our calendar to reminders, our reminders to Gmail. Twist shows you exactly what you need from each in one centralized view.

Focus On What Matters

Snooze Emails That Can Wait

Not all emails are created equal. Snooze emails of lesser importance to focus in on what needs to get done in the now. Tackle snoozed emails when they become relevant.

Schedule Meetings From Email

Email Calendar Invites

Why go to your calendar to create a meeting when all the details are right in front of you? Schedule events from email threads to complete the process then and there, the event will automatically sync with your calendar. Invite those in the thread or add and subtract additional contacts.


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